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We specialize in helping people live their dream when it comes to real estate. Our passion is to help people find the home that best meets their dreams and goals for everyday life. We go beyond just asking about your needs and desires are for a home. We take the time to help you consider what your ideal days and weeks look like, so we can then build your ideal real estate situation and find the home that’s the perfect match for you. This is where our knowledge of the area, property search tools, and experience can help you find a better dream home property match than you’ll find anywhere else.

What Is Your Dream?

We help you consider everything and build your ideal daily life.

Picking The Right Area

A big part of choosing a property to purchase is the cost of living for that property and area. We specialize in providing a comprehensive cost of living analysis so there won’t be any surprises when you get settled into your new home. We make sure you know everything about the home, the costs, the neighborhood, the surrounding area, future developments and potential zoning changes locally, and anything else that could impact the value of one of your biggest investments.

Real Estate Investing

In addition, we also specialize in investment properties and projected income analyses. You’ll know exactly what’s coming when it comes to costs and net income for your investment property. Not only will we find the optimal property to suit your needs and financial goals, we’ll make the details of renting properties a breeze with our strong base of reliable local resources and services. 

The best part is our online marketing engine will keep renters in your property consistently from the start to minimize vacancy time

Why Us


Liz is one of the top real estate agent’s at Keller Williams Island Life Real Estate. With Liz being a mechanical engineer with a strong attention to detail, you can rest assured there won’t be a stone unturned in the details of your transaction. Liz and Market Specialist Group will take excellent care of you so much that you’ll actually get to enjoy the monumental event of buying or selling property. Since you can trust that every detail is handled for you and we have your best interest at heart, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

With over 15 years experience in online marketing, you can rest assured that our marketing engine will sell your home, commercial property, investment home, and more.


Venice area and Southwest Florida are near and dear to our hearts because we live here and we LOVE our area. With the Retail and Commercial challenges of occasional red tide, and the dramatic changes between busy and slow seasons, there is a huge opportunity to help change peoples’ perception of Florida and greatly increase the full-time resident growth trajectory.  We know that with a very targeted marketing plan and growth strategy, we can change the real estate industry in this area forever, making it strong and vibrant year-round.  Ultimately, with Market Specialist Group pursuing this unique goal, you are benefiting from the most effective marketing and market knowledge in Southwest Florida.

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