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How To Prepare Your Home To Sell

When you’re preparing a home for sale, it’s good to only do what’s going to get you return on your investments and efforts. So, check out this comprehensive list of everything you should do to prepare your home for sale without wasting any time or money.

Get an Overview and Make Your Plan

  • With the help of your real estate professional, take an overview of the home from a buyer’s perspective
  • Plan to refrain from smoking in the home
  • Only plan to make improvements that will definitely have a full return in the selling price
    • Paint the interior of the home in neutral colors
    • Minor bathroom remodel if necessary: tile, tub, vanity, fixtures
    • Landscaping and Curb Appeal: clean up and update landscaping, plant flowers and add splashes of color, pressure wash
    • Paint or clean the exterior of the home
    • Minor kitchen remodel if necessary: cabinet refacing/repainting, updating appliances, counter tops
  • Make critical repairs using licensed contractors as needed
    • Repair cracks and holes in drywall
    • Repair any appliances that are in-operational

Declutter, and Depersonalize

  • Hold a yard sale and sell, donate, or trash anything you don’t need
  • Remove excess and oversized furniture
  • Have a container in each closet where items can be tossed temporarily when picking up for showings
  • Remove/store all small appliances, toys, magazines, and pet items
    • Have containers in closets where these items can be placed during showings
  • Completely clear off kitchen counters
  • Organize closets and store out of season clothes in containers – make closets look as empty as possible
  • Remove family photos and personal collections
  • Remove items from garage and store off-site if possible. A storage unit during the showing period is well worth it.
  • Secure valuable items like cash and jewelry where they will be safe during showings
  • Make bedrooms as gender neutral as possible. Put away the dainty, floral bedding while your home sells.
  • Remove posters and personal pictures from bedrooms
  • Only leave the nice plastic or wood hangers in the closets and make sure there is some empty space making it look more spacious
  • Consider giving flex or extra rooms a specific identity like home office, sewing room, or other interesting function
  • Consider removing TVs and video game consoles to create a serene setting

 Thoroughly clean your entire home

  • Scrub baseboards
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Scrub hard surface floors
  • Shampoo carpets and steam drapes
  • Dust everywhere and make sure all dust bunnies and cob webs are cleaned up
  • Wash windows inside and out and repair any damaged screens

Optimize the space in your home

  • Rearrange furniture to maximize space – remove a few pieces of furniture to make the rooms look as big as possible
  • Make everything symmetrical, from lamps to throw pillows on sofas
  • Add lamps to brighten up darker rooms that don’t have as much natural light
  • Try to keep furniture more neutral colors
  • Add bright, coordinated accessories like accent pillows and throw blankets for a chic splash of color
  • Set out some chic settings on dining room table to help buyers think of entertaining

Maximize Curb Appeal

  • Clean up and update front and back landscaping: mow, water, trim, and fertilize lawn and plants/shrubs
  • Make sure pet droppings are cleaned up
  • Plant colorful flowers and shrubs
  • Pressure wash sidewalk, walkways, and driveway
  • Paint or clean the exterior of the home
  • Make sure your address number, door mat, front door, and doorbell are in good shape and operational
  • Check the roof and make repairs as needed

Prepare the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Clean and polish the floor and clean the grout in tiles
  • Completely clear off the counters except one small display of flowers or bowl of fresh fruit
  • Replace outdated hardware
  • Clean appliances and fixtures
  • Clean and organize pantry, cabinets, and drawers. Remove anything that’s not necessary. Make sure there is a little empty space in the pantry so it looks like there is plenty of space
  • Replace old caulking around sinks and bath tubs
  • Keep toilet lids closed
  • Hang fresh decorative towels
  • Remove fridge magnets
  • Remove everything from bathroom counters
  • Create the luxury spa look in bathrooms with a fancy soap dispenser, fluffy light color towels, decorative basket, candles, fresh new bath mat, and light color shower curtain

 Accentuate your home’s best features

  • Remove rugs that are covering beautiful woo d or tile floors
  • Pull back drapes and let light in and showcase nice views
  • Stage the front porch or deck with small furniture and potted plants
  • Make sure fireplaces are in working condition
  • Clean the back deck, lanai, pool areas
  • Install higher wattage incandescent bulbs in each room to brighten things up

Notes for Pet Owners: Try to make it look like there’s not a pet there

  • Prepare a place outside or in the garage to put your pet’s items that carry their smell – their bed, blankets, toys, play structures, food bowls, kitty litter, etc
  • Use air fresheners to eliminate odors instead of simply masking them.
  • Repair or remove any furniture that’s been scratched or gnawed on. Repair any trim or doors that is damaged by pets
  • Clean up the pet droppings in the yard
  • Take pets and any possible pet items like litter boxes with you for showings to completely remove from the home
  • Do one more pet hair sweep right before you leave the home for showings

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